• Transforming the New York subway into an XXL Street Art gallery

    posted by Studio Phil Akashi on Thursday, September 11, 2014

    Phil Akashi has been invited in 2014 to collaborate in the NO AD project in New York City.

    NO AD is a mobile app that replaces the top 100 NYC subway ads with digital art using augmented reality technology. In doing so, the app creates a new exhibition space on top of existing subway advertising infrastructure. This project was developed by a team of designers and street art enthusiasts including the collective Re + Public (Public Ad Campaign and Heavy Projects), and street blogger and photographer Lowy Romano


    So far 50+ street artists have been recruited for this project. The names included are some of the most well known and well respected artists in NYC and worldwide such as Dal East, Faith 47, Icy & Sot, Jilly Ballistic, LNY, Logan Hicks, Micheal De Feo, Ron English, Rone, Saber, Sheryo, Stikman, Tara Mcpherson, TRAP. 

    “I am really happy to participate in this innovative and large scale project and to showcase some artworks in the NYC subway. It is pretty cool to use emerging technologies to alter the current expectations of urban media and to re-imagine public space. It makes the audience to see the world differently and force them to think outside the box. And I like that.” Phil Akashi

    Download the free and easy to use app  here. Then just click the app and point your phone/tablet at any one of the most popular advertisements in the NYC subway system, once the app recognizes the ad, a piece of curated art or video will show on the screen. The NO AD team will collaborate with prominent cultural institutions such as the renowned International Center of Photography to curate new content from street art, to photography, to music, poetry, and moving images. Each week NO AD will auto update, replacing the new advertisements with original content. You can do a  demo here. 



    NO AD - Saber

    NO AD - Saber


    NO AD Phil Akashi New York

    NO AD - Phil Akashi


    NO AD - Keith Haring

    NO AD - Keith Haring


    NO AD - Rone

    NO AD - Rone


    NO AD - Peter Fuss

    NO AD - Peter Fuss


    NO AD - Ron English

    NO AD - Ron English


    NO AD Elle

    NO AD - Elle


    NO AD - Stikman

    NO AD - Stikman


    NO AD Dal East

    NO AD - Dal East


    NO AD Various and Gould

    NO AD - Various and Gould



    NO AD - Skullphone

    NO AD - Skullphone

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