Phil Akashi and D.LAB present Fragile at the Opera House - Shanghai Grand Theatre

Phil Akashi has presented an ambitious work "Fragile" in collaboration with experimental dance troupe D.LAB. "Fragile" is a three-act pieces Modern Dance Performance and a cross-border collaboration between established choreographers, modern dancers and contemporary artist Phil Akashi. The premiere of Fragile was held at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, also called the Opera House on November 13 and November 14, 2015.


The performance was inspired by British Poet, Siegfried Sassoon: “我心有猛虎,细嗅蔷薇. “In me the tiger sniff the rose". Duan Jingting 段婧婷, former Shanghai Ballet dancer and D.LAB founder and artistic director, invited professional contemporary dancers and two seasoned choreographers from home and abroad including Jiang Yang 姜洋. Jiang, who used to be the principal dancer at the Lyon Opera Ballet, worked with Duan as the choreography director of So You Think You Can Dance China. Together with Phil Akashi they brought, not only spectacular dancings, but different forms of art and as a result a sensational stage. 

Making his "dance theater debut", Phil Akashi was thrilled when D.LAB invited him to collaborate. A stunning street portrait he created two summers ago in Shanghai served as a backdrop and interactive playground for one of Fragile’s pieces. “This artwork exemplifies Nelson Mandela’s 27 years of incarceration but also symbolises his lifelong brave stand for freedom and equality. To me, freedom is something quite fragile. And I hope this will help to bring out the essence of the dance.” Phil Akashi
Phil Akashi was really happy to have the opportunity to show a collaborative work in such a prestigious venue. Opened in 1998 and designed by French architect Jean-Marie Charpentier, the Shanghai Grand Theatre building is a landmark of Shanghai. When night falls, the whole construction resembles a crystal palace.



Phil Akashi Fragile Opera House



Phil Akashi D.Lab Fragile Shanghai Grand Theatre 1




Phil Akashi D.Lab Fragile Shanghai Grand Theatre




Phil Akashi D.Lab Fragile Shanghai Grand Theatre 2










Phil Akashi D.Lab Fragile Shanghai Grand Theatre




 Phil Akashi D.Lab Fragile Shanghai Grand Theatre

Shanghai Grand Theatre on November 13 and November 14, 2015.

Choreographers - Jiang Yang 姜洋 and Sophie Renier 法国 

Dancers - Duan Jing Ting 段婧婷, Luya Hui 陆雅慧, Li Haocheng 李昊承, Zheng Jie 郑杰, Zhu Rui 朱睿, Peng Chi 彭智, Wang Zi 王姿, Diaonai Xin 刁乃馨

Contemporary Artist - Phil Akashi 涛程

"Art, smashes all your prejudice and masks… Any way to win ourselves, is to keep trying and challenging the different kinds of dancing with the expression of multiple arts. D.LAB focus on the innovation of dancing, and efforts in building international communication platforms for the current talented choreographers and dancers. Our understanding about dancing is not only about the body movement, but also about any kind of art expression integrated with music, performance, video and sound, painting and art settings and so on. They are mixed together with sparks, come into a common language to drive the inspiration under the subconsciousness". Duan Jingting 段婧婷, D.LAB founder and artistic director