No-Ad Day 2014

In collaboration with Vermibus and activists from all around the world, Phil Akashi participated in the NO-AD Day 2014.

The NO-AD Day started in solidarity with the “Buy Nothing Day” movement, international day of protest against consumerism. The “Buy Nothing Day”, initiated by the artist Ted Dave in 1992 encourage participants to refrain from purchasing goods for 24hrs. 22 years later, it has grown into a worldwide movement that now takes place in 65 countries and includes thousands of participants.

Participants in the “NO-AD Day” deal with outdoor advertising in Public Space and remove outdoor advertising for 24hrs before the “Buy Nothing Day”, in an effort to eliminate the commercial media messages that dominate our public spaces.


No-Ad Day Hong Kong 2014

No-Ad Day - Hong Kong 2014



No-Ad Day 2014

No-Ad Day - Berlin 2014